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Work Visa

With the global advancement in economy and technology, employees around the world are no longer restricted by boundaries and can easily work anywhere globally. Employment of overseas professionals is no longer the exclusive right of large companies. With FLEX HR’s Work Visa service and taking the full advantage of Hong Kong as an international financial center and one of the most competitive cities in the world, SMEs with less experience can now openly and globally recruit professionals and management talents to work in Hong Kong and help with the further development of business.

After recruiting the overseas talents successfully, FLEX HR has got a professional team with rich experience to follow up closely according to the client requirements. We will assist prospective employees to apply for work visa according to the regulations with the most suitable solution, so that the company and prospective employees will be able to come to Hong Kong for work smoothly and legally.

Work Visa

Applicant Qualifications

  • 有意來港工作的海外(非內地居民)專業人士,可根據一般就業政策提出申請。一般就業政策不限行業及不設限額。 主要申請資格包括:

    • 已確實獲得聘用,而從事的工作與其學歷或工作經驗有關,並且不能輕易覓得本地人擔任。
    • 薪酬福利與市場水平相若。
    • 具有良好教育背景、技術資格或經證明的專業經驗。
  • 未在港獲聘用的高技術人才或優才,如有意來港工作,可根據優秀人才入境計劃提出申請,有關計劃不限行業。計劃設有以下兩套計分制度:

    • 綜合計分制(適用於高技術人才或優才)


    • 成就計分制(適用於擁有傑出成就的優秀人才)


  • 非本地科技人才可根據科技人才入境計劃申請來港工作。科技人才入境計劃旨在透過快速處理安排,供合資格公司申請輸入非本地科技人才到香港從事研發工作。合資格公司須先申請配額,獲創新科技署發出配額的公司可相應地於為期12個月的配額有效期內為合資格人士申請工作簽證/進入許可。主要申請資格包括:

    • 在遞交申請時,聘用公司獲創新科技署批出有效配額。
    • 申請人主要從事人工智能、生物科技、網絡安全、數據分析、金融科技、材料科學、機械人技術、5G通訊、數碼娛樂、綠色科技、集成電路設計、物聯網或微電子範疇的研發工作。
    • 申請人持有具特別認受性的大學所頒授的科學、科技、工程或數學(STEM)學科學位。
    • 薪酬應不低於香港類似職位現時的市場薪酬水平。
    • 申請人符合創新科技署發出的獲發配額通知書上就相關職位列明的特定條件。

FLEX HR Service Flow

Before applying for a work visa

Before applying for a work visa

  • Our professional team will meet you in person (or by video conference during the epidemic), to communicate with you and understand your needs in details.
  • Analyze the possibility of successful application, or provide another alternative to formulate the most suitable solution for the corporate.
  • Provide a list of required documents for preparation by corporates.
Collection of documents and application submission

Collection of documents and application submission

  • Collect relevant documents from the corporate and its prospective employees, and assist in checking whether the relevant documents are properly prepared.
  • Assist corporates to complete all forms,letters and documents required by the Hong Kong Immigration Department for submission
  • Formally submit application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
Approval and follow up

Approval and follow up

  • Closely follow up with entire the approval process by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, including handling enquiries and receiving notifications.
  • Coordinate with the Hong Kong Immigration Department on behalf of the corporate to solve the problems that may arise during the process.
  • Regularly follow up with the application progress and report to the corporate and prospective employees.
Successful Approval

Successful Approval

  • Once the case is approved, we will collect the relevant work visa on behalf of the corporate and transfer it to the prospective employee.
  • Assist in completing the remaining documentation procedures until the prospective employees formally take up their posts.


Trusted by 100+ companies across different industries.

Work Visa

Customer testimonials

“We have been using your HR payroll solution since 2019 and we are satisfied with your service. Your team is professional, knowledgeable, responsive and friendly. Not only are they able to handle complex needs, they demonstrate expertise, and they are willing to go the extra mile to help us solve problems. Overall, we are delighted to have FlexHR as our HR partner and would like to recommend FlexHR to any company in need of professional HR services. Thank you for your professionalism and look forward to your continued support. “

Cawin Wong

“We have been using Flex HR’s services since 2016. Flex is very professional and always gets the job done in a timely and conscientious manner. Flex’s expertise has been instrumental in helping us manage and solve a variety of HR issues. They did their best to solve our problems and provide constructive feedback. We can rely on their professional services. “

List Sotheby’s International Realty
Annaliza Cheung

“Flex HR helped me set up a payroll system from scratch and get the job done in a month’s time. During the pandemic, they helped me navigate rapidly changing government policies related to HR issues. Their staff always maintain a high level of quality and professionalism in their work. I highly recommend Flex HR to anyone. “

Wendy Lu


Newly apply for a work visa

More than 100 corporates have been served

Let us handle the entire work visa application process for you. The project team will follow up with the entire process and provide professional advice and services.

HKD8,800 per applicant

Renewal of work visa/change of employer

More than 100 corporates have been served

Provide a complete one-stop agency service for your work visa renewal, choose North to help you apply, no longer need to worry about complicated processes, and get the renewal smoothly.

HKD8,800 per applicant

Express Service

3 working days for completion and submission

*Clients are required to provide complete required information and supporting documents

Additional HKD4,500 per applicant

Free Consultation

Call or WhatsApp us now to get a free quote and professional HR advice:

Alternatively, you are welcome to submit a contact form and our consultant will contact you within 2 working days.


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