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Staff Leasing

We’ve got peak and low seasons for business. Many corporates (especially in the service industry) will encounter difficulties in manpower deployment for their operations, with redundant staff during the low seasons, but insufficient staff during the peak seasons. The Staff Leasing service provided by FLEX HR can help clients to solve this manpower problem easily.

What is Staff Leasing

When the business is facing the peak season and requires a group of employees to work for a certain period of time, FLEX HR‘s Staff Leasing service is the best solution. We can recruit according to the specific professional scope, number of employees, working period and other specific requirements requested by the client within a short period time. The employees will then be leased to work in the client’s company to fulfill the business needs. On the other hand, corporates sometimes have to deal with some unexpected projects or organize large-scale meetings or events and need to recruit a large number of employees within a certain period of time. FLEX HR‘s Staff Leasing service can quickly solve this for clients.

Staff Leasing

Reasons for choosing FLEX HR’s Staff Leasing service

  • Corporates can flexibly handle the allocation of manpower according to their business types during the peak / low seasons, and ask FLEX HR to increase or decrease the manpower resources anytime. In this way, clients can greatly save unnecessary employment costs during the low seasons, and there is no need to worry about insufficient staff to cope with business development during the peak seasons. It becomes the strongest back up for controlling human resources costs.

  • Through the powerful human resources network of FLEX HR, a large number of employees can be recruited within a short period of time by matching the required professional scope and skills of employees requested by the client. This helps them to improve overall work efficiency and enhance competitiveness.

  • Deploying manpower by Staff Leasing service, clients do not need to worry about compliance issues in personnel management. FLEX HR can ensure that clients are legally compliant and avoid violating any labour laws. Clients can also avoid employing too many redundant employees by Staff Leasing service, which may affect the organization structure and work flow, and hence reduce work efficiency.

What will be included in Staff Leasing service?

Onboarding Process

Employee Training

Human Resources Electronic System

Salary Management

Employee Benefits

Company Letters Writing

Resignation Management

Human Resources Related Consultation

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