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Recruitment / Talent Search

Understand the recruitment process

Since the general public does not have a deep understanding of the methods of hiring talents, the procedures of “recruitment” and “headhunting” are always confused. Actually, the two procedures are different in terms of process, resources used, channels and recruitment goals.

In fact, “headhunting” can be described as one of the types of “recruitment”. According to the depth of recruitment services, we can generally divide it into three service categories, including recruitment advertisements, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Headhunting service.

Recruitment / Talent Search

Reasons for choosing FLEX HR’s Recruitment / Talent Search service

  • For many people, posting job advertisements has been the most convenient and efficient way to recruit. You will only need to provide the company’s basic information, as well as the job content, requirements and benefits of the position you are recruiting. You can then publish your job advertisements through various recruitment platforms and contact interested job seekers, especially frontline employees.

    FLEX HR‘s advertising outsourcing service allows you to advertise on multiple recruitment platforms at a more affordable price, greatly increasing the audience for advertising. We can also arrange our recruiting specialist to evaluate and adjust the content and direction of advertisements according to the needs of clients, so that the advertisements can catch the attention of job seekers in the fierce competition.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) transfers all or part of a company’s recruitment activities to other recruitment service providers. RPO can serve as an extension of human resources management functions, supporting corporates and providing complete recruitment solutions.

    Today’s recruitment environment is very complicated. It is not easy to find suitable employees who can match with the company’s future development direction. In order to effectively recruit suitable talents, in addition to dealing with the critical labour market, the company needs to be proficient in a set of professional recruitment skills and takes a lot of work to manage and train new employees.

    In the market environment with high turnover of talents, FLEX HR‘s RPO service can bring many benefits to your company (especially for hiring office and frontline employees):

    1. Reduce recruitment costs
    2. Improve recruitment satisfaction
    3. Shorten the time for company vacancy
    4. Avoid utilizing talents from other departments in the company

  • The management is the core group of staff for a company’s management and operation who are extremely important. Therefore, we understand that employers are cautious when searching for the company’s management personnel. Management talents usually have higher academic qualifications, professional skills or more in-depth work experience, job mobility is relatively lower than other employees. So, it is more difficult to find them on general recruitment platforms.

    FLEX HR‘s Headhunting Service targets the management talent market with its own strong database and network to search for the most suitable management talents for your company. In order to ensure that the talents provided meet our service commitments, FLEX HR has especially set a “Guarantee Period” for the role. If an employee resigns during the period, we will fill the vacancy again for you free of charge.

Service Type
Advertising Outsourcing
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Recruitment Target
Frontline, office employees
Frontline, office employees
Cost-effective, convenient and fast
The process is comprehensive with specialists to closely follow up
The process is comprehensive with specialists to closely follow up, exclusive strong talent database and network, the guarantee period

FLEX HR enhances your corporate value An excellent recruitment agent is an important part of the company's talent training strategies, even if the company has a strong employee referral plan and internal recruitment team. The greatest values and assets of a company are its employees. And FLEX HR can analyze the background of the employees and estimate the development potential of them in the industry. We are not only selecting outstanding talents, but also searching for employees who are in line with the company's expectations and pace for you.FLEX HR provides you with the professional and caring one-stop recruitment service. We will provide tailor-made salary consultation according to your needs and choose the most effective channel to search for the right talents.

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