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HR Project

Many corporates will relatively ignore the importance of the Human Resources Department, and even think that the related work can be performed by employees in other areas. In fact, the Human Resources Department is the first department that all employees of a company need to contact before joining. It is the most important part of the company. The Human Resources Department effectively manages and trains professional and technical talents and is able to discover their potential talents. At the same time, it can also bring employees together, improve work morale, and make influential performance for the company.

In addition to the common human resources services, FLEX HR‘s professional team can also provide a variety of human resources services according to the different needs of clients, such as employee questionnaires, employee performance statistics, organizational restructuring, salary level surveys, etc.

HR Project

Service Commitment

Each corporate has to face different human resources problems. As a professional consulting company, FLEX HR will select the most suitable solution for you through consulting and analysis according to your unique needs, to help you solve current and future problems and makes effective suggestions for future development.

FLEX HR has got a professional and attentive Consultant Team. We will first meet clients in person (or video conference in the case of the epidemic), and even their teams and employees with detailed communications to gain insights for the company’s current situation, the problems being faced and development needs. We can then provide the most suitable and effective tailor-made solutions. At the same time, the solution provided will never be a short-term one, but the one which can effectively solve related problems with our clients, offering a solid foundation for the company’s long-term growth.

The different solutions provided by FLEX HR include predicting the changes and trends of the company’s internal human resources structure, and providing detailed analysis reports, suggestions and trend forecasts, which offer the concrete direction of the company’s long-term development. Through effective assessment methods to improve work efficiency, we will also establish a plan that is in line with the company’s visions and goals to search for and introduce professional and suitable talents in order to enhance the company’s human resources application and further promote the company’s development.




  • 了解現有人力資源流程、政策及配套是否齊全合規、具市場競爭力及與公司長遠發展策略一致
  • 找出人力資源流程或配套的潛在問題
  • 獲得專業、與市場接軌及切實可行的人力資源基礎優化建議



  • 了解現有報酬策略、機制及系統是否齊全合規、具市場競爭力及與公司長遠發展策略一致
  • 對照市場相關行業的參考水平
  • 獲得專業及具市場競爭力的報酬管理實施



  • 審視現行組織架構建設、職務分工及內部溝通機制的效果及效率、是否具市場競爭力及與公司長遠發展策略匹配
  • 對照市場相關行業的最佳實務參考
  • 優化及加強組織架構,包括頂層設計、權責分工、資訊流通渠道等



  • 了解現有僱員的能力瓶頸及相應解決方案
  • 加強對組織內的學習需求認知,更有效分配資源到對公司有較高價值的學習及培訓方案
  • 建立持續學習的企業文化及相應學習管理配套,提升團隊的市場競爭力



  • 了解現有的人才瓶頸及相應解決方案
  • 加強對組織內的人才認知,能更有效分配資源到對公司有較高價值的僱員
  • 營造及建立以人才為本的高效企業文化,提升市場競爭力



  • 找出與公司長遠發展策略及商業模式最為匹配的理想組織文化
  • 了解現有僱員的工作文化及企業生態
  • 歸納出能幫助組織各方面產生正面加強循環的組織文化,並獲得實際促進該文化的實施措施及工具

Reasons for choosing FLEX HR Project service?

We provide SMEs with accurate and real-time human resources analysis at affordable prices, including data of personnel, performance, talent learning and human resources sharing.
In addition, through in-depth communications and tailor-made methods, our professional team can also accurately understand the working conditions and personal development needs of each employee for the company, and effectively assist employees in their long-term development.
Through the enhancement of the internal capabilities of human resources, the sharing of human resources can be achieved, so that the company will be able to get well prepared for more comprehensive and accurate decisions in the future, and enhance the company’s performance.

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