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Payroll Process Outsourcing

Under the competitive business environment today, companies should attract and retain talents in all ways. The function of salary payment hence cannot be ignored. On-time and accurate salary payment is the most basic requirement and respect to employees. If an employer does not pay the correct salary on time, in addition to the risk of losing talents who can earn money for the company, there is also a chance to pay unnecessary costs for violating the law.

What is Payroll Process Outsourcing?

Payroll Process Outsourcing helps corporate clients with the time-consuming monthly salary calculations, (MPF) calculations and contributions, and employer tax process. Employees will be able to get an Online Employee Self-service System account (ESS) and enjoy various online employee services, including holiday application, holiday balance check, downloading of pay slips and tax forms, etc.

Payroll Process Outsourcing

Reasons for choosing FLEX HR’s Payroll Process Outsourcing service

Save manpower and time costs

For companies with a large number of employees, frontline staff, or employees hired in different terms, the payroll process is always one of the most difficult jobs for employers and HR colleagues. It takes considerable time and manpower to collect and sort out the completed duty roster forms, check the applied holidays, and even calculate the attendance rate. Through FLEX HR’s high-quality services, you can avoid employing dedicated staff for salary management and reduce salary expenses, enabling you to achieve your operational goals with lower cost.

More efficient operation

FLEX HR can handle the salary calculation process for you on time every month. Through the professional Human Resources Team and system processing, in addition to the accurate monthly salary calculation, we can also ensure that this function will not be affected by internal staff changes.

Save software investment costs

In order to achieve “accurate salary release” every month, in addition to investing manpower and time resources in salary payment process, the company may also need to purchase relevant software and hardware for use. For companies with a certain number of employees, this type of expense is even inevitable. Through FLEX HR‘s Payroll Process Outsourcing, corporates can save this large expenses and further reduce business operating costs.

One-stop online management, superior employee experience

It’s a paperless and digital generation now. In general office work, almost everything can be replaced by an electronic format, so as the salary calculation process. Employers and employees can check salary, pay slip, holiday balance, tax forms and so on through the Online Self-service System. The one-stop online management makes everything simple and easy, enabling employees to have a better working experience.

Long-term development

In-depth understanding and analysis of the company’s personnel status with regular updates of strategic and forward-looking reports enables you to manage human resources in a more targeted manner, gate-keep the cost-effectiveness of human resources, and formulate the company’s long-term development strategies.

What services will be included in Payroll Process Outsourcing?

Monthly Salary and MPF calculation

MPF Administrative Procedures

Employer Tax Treatment

Salary Autopay Service

Download Electronic Pay Slip

Professional Consultation on Salary Laws

Ensure Compliance with Employment Regulations

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