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HR Outsourcing

Nowadays, it is not easy to do business, especially for SMEs. Due to the limited number of employees, it is not cost-effective for companies to set up a Human Resources Department or employ a full-time Human Resources Specialist to handle related tasks. However, it does not mean that SMEs do not have the needs for human resources functions. Since every colleague in a small team is particularly important, SMEs need even more professional and effective human resources measures and supporting services for employees to ensure that they can effectively attract, retain, motivate and develop talents and maintain the company’s core competitiveness.

What is HR Outsourcing?

FLEX HRTeam will become your one-stop Human Resources Department handling all human resources related work, including recruitment, salary calculation, onboarding and resignation, employee handbook, etc. Through the utilization of FLEX HR’s professional Human Resources Team, standard human resources procedures and online Employee Self-service System (ESS), your employees will be able to enjoy the employee experience as they’re in a large corporate. As the person in charge of the company or human resources, you will no longer need to worry about any kind of human resources management problems.

HR Outsourcing

Reasons for choosing FLEX HR’s HR Outsourcing service

Save business costs

SMEs can set up a complete human resources management function for the company at the lowest cost with FLEX HR’s HR Outsourcing service. In addition to the savings of high operation expenses of the Human Resources Department, you will also be able to enhance the company’s competitiveness in the talent market with the support by FLEX HR’s professional and experienced Human Recourses Team and the all-rounded resources.

Reduce legal risks

Many human resources affairs of SMEs are handled by the boss or administrative accountants without professional or system support, resulting in inefficiency and risks in violating employer-related laws. With FLEX HR services, the client’s human resources affairs are handled and followed up by our experienced Human Resources Team. Through the professional human resources system and operation process, we can ensure compliance and legality with overall efficiency improved.

Help with competition for talents

Accurate and on-time salary payment is only the basic requirement for modern corporate management. Employees will have considerable expectation for the company’s facilities and personal experience on details from recruitment advertisement, interview arrangement, onboarding procedures to employee handbook. Comparison will be made with the companies they’ve worked for or other companies. Therefore, competitiveness in the talent market can be greatly enhanced by providing employees with professional and stable human resource services and supporting facilities.

What services will be included in HR Outsourcing?

Recruitment Advertising Process

MPF administration

Online Employee Self-service System

Employment Regulations Compliance Check

Onboarding and Resignation Procedures

Employee Human Resources Hotline

Staff Training and Event Planning

Employee Handbook Writing and Revision


Suitable for sizable firms / SMEs / Startups of all industries

You will have our professional team to handle your monthly payroll processing, MPF administration and employer tax filing.

**Enjoy using our online Employee Self-Service (ESS) Application for FREE**

HKD1,800 up/month

Suitable for SMEs / Startups of all industries

You will have our professional team to become your HR department, handling all your HR work and processes.

**Enjoy using our online Employee Self-Service (ESS) Application for FREE**

HKD3,800 up/month

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Suitable for all types of SMEs

Let us handle the entire advertising recruitment process for you, from writing the job description (JD), placing the advertisement, screening job applications, scheduling interviews, sending out job offers, and more.

HKD4,800 per event

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