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HR Outsourcing

Nowadays, it is not easy to do business, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, and due to the limited number of employees, it is not cost-effective for companies to set up an HR department or hire a full-time HR specialist to handle the related work.

However, this does not mean that SMEs do not need the HR function.

On the contrary, as every colleague in a small team is particularly important, SMEs need professional and effective human resources measures and supporting services for their employees to ensure that they can effectively attract, retain, motivate and develop talents, and maintain their core competitiveness.

What is HR Outsourcing?

Make the FLEX HR team your HR department, a one-stop shop for all HR-related tasks, including recruitment, payroll, onboarding, onboarding, employee handbooks, and more.

By leveraging FLEX HR’s professional HR team, standard HR processes, and an online Employee Self-Service System (ESS), your employees will have the same employee experience as working in a large enterprise. As the head of the company or human resources, you no longer need to worry about tedious human resource management problems.

HR Outsourcing

Why choose FLEX HR to solve your HR problems

Save business costs

By choosing FLEX HR HR process outsourcing service, SMEs can set up a complete HR management function for their company at the lowest cost, not only without having to bear the high operating costs of the HR department, but also enhance their competitiveness in the talent market through FLEX HR’s professional and experienced HR team and complete HR package.

Reduce legal risks

Many SMEs are responsible for the HR affairs of the boss himself or the administrative accountant, without the support of professionals or systems, resulting in inefficiency and may even violate the relevant laws of the employer. With FLEX HR services, the client’s HR affairs are handled by a senior HR team that ensures compliance and efficiency through professional HR systems and operational processes.

Help with competition for talents

Accurate and on-time salary payment is only the basic requirement for modern corporate management. Employees will have considerable expectation for the company’s facilities and personal experience on details from recruitment advertisement, interview arrangement, onboarding procedures to employee handbook. Comparison will be made with the companies they’ve worked for or other companies. Therefore, competitiveness in the talent market can be greatly enhanced by providing employees with professional and stable human resource services and supporting facilities.

What services will be included in HR Outsourcing?

Advertising recruitment campaigns

Onboarding services

Separation formalities services

Employer Tax Services

Company letter writing

Work-related injury document processing

Preparation of employment contracts and employee handbooks

Human Resources Reports

Online Employee Self-service System

Employment Regulations Compliance Check

Employee Human Resources Hotline

Staff Training and Event Planning

What is the difference with payroll outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing
Service Content
Outsourcing of payroll process services
Advertising recruitment campaigns
Salary and MPF calculations
Onboarding and resignation procedures
Employer Taxes
Employee and leave records
Company letter writing
HR Applications
Benefits administration
Employee Handbook
HR Consulting & Consultancy
Employee training planning
Employee event planning

Customer service recommendation

“We have been using your HR payroll solution since 2019 and we are satisfied with your service. Your team is professional, knowledgeable, responsive and friendly. Not only are they able to handle complex needs, they demonstrate expertise, and they are willing to go the extra mile to help us solve problems. Overall, we are delighted to have FlexHR as our HR partner and would like to recommend FlexHR to any company in need of professional HR services. Thank you for your professionalism and look forward to your continued support. “

“Time flies and your company has been supporting the HR’s payroll solutions for us since 2019,and certainly,we are satisfied with the services so far. Your team is professional,knowledgeable,responsive and friendly. Not only they are able to cope with complicated requirements with expertise, they are also willing to go extra miles to help us resolve problem. Overall, we are glad to have FlexHR as our HR partner and would recommend FlexHR to any corporations that need professional HR support. Thank you for your professionalism and looking forward to your continuous support.”

Cawin Wong

“We have been using Flex HR’s services since 2016. Flex is very professional and always gets the job done in a timely and conscientious manner. Flex’s expertise has been instrumental in helping us manage and solve a variety of HR issues. They did their best to solve our problems and provide constructive feedback. We can rely on their professional services. “

“We have engaged with Flex HR service since 2016.Flex is professional and always perform the work in a timely and conscientious manner. Flex’s expertise is instrumental in helping us on managing and solving various HR issue. They will make their best effort to solve our problem and provide constructive advice. We can always rely on them for their professional service.”

List Sotheby’s International Realty
Annaliza Cheung

“Flex HR helped me set up a payroll system from scratch and get the job done in a month’s time. During the pandemic, they helped me navigate rapidly changing government policies related to HR issues. Their staff always maintain a high level of quality and professionalism in their work. I highly recommend Flex HR to anyone. “

“Flex HR helped me to set-up a payroll system from scratch and got the job completed within one month’s time. During the pandemic time, they helped me to go through all the fast changing government policies relating to HR issues. Their staff always maintain high standard of work quality and professionalism. I’d highly recommend Flex HR to anyone.”

Wendy Lu


HR Outsourcing

For a monthly fee, you can enjoy a full set of HR department services!

Let us be your HR department, handling all HR work, including payroll process, advertising and recruitment, onboarding and offboarding procedures, employee handbook, company letter, benefits management, and more, up to dozens of services!

Monthly fees as low as $4,800 / $2,800

Payroll Process Outsourcing

Professionally handle the monthly payroll process and employer taxation

Let us handle the calculation of employees’ monthly payroll, MPF contributions and employer’s taxation, as well as set up bank payroll autopay and allow employees to download e-payslips, so that customers can enjoy a faster and more convenient payroll process.

Monthly fees as low as $4,800 / $2,800

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