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HR Applications

With the advancement of technology, corporates tend to manage in more systematic and digital ways and strive to promote business growth with more efficient operating models. In terms of human resources, of course, we should also make good use of the latest technology and big data analysis to achieve performance management. Nowadays, corporates can publish more diversified messages faster and more accurately through their own designed intranet, or use internal instant messaging software to enhance communications and interactions between colleagues, and even use cloud systems to manage the registration of various employee meetings and events. FLEX HR provides corporates with a variety of human resources management systems with the most sufficient support according to actual needs, improving their overall operational efficiency.

HR Applications

What is HR Application?

HR Application is simply the software that assists the company in managing and carrying out human resources tasks and procedures. It can simplify most of the complicated procedures, save manpower and time. And the big data stored in the cloud can be used for various analysis to solve different existing problems and make plans for future development.

Whether you want to simplify work procedures to improve employee efficiency, need to regularly review the company’s human resources data, or keep up with the trend of this digital generation, a variety of human resources management systems provided by FLEX HR can fulfill your requirements. We have cooperated with many system suppliers to provide professional cloud-based human resources management systems, including HRONE, Just Login, Workstem, Ding Talk, for clients to choose from.

Reasons for choosing FLEX HR Application service

  • FLEX HR has a dedicated technical team responsible for the network security of the human resources management systems, ensuring that all relevant information is highly encrypted and protected. The cloud system allows employers and employees to log in securely and remotely to view or process the above administrative arrangements anytime, anywhere, enhancing the overall work efficiency of the team. The system can also manage log in settings according to different ranks, restricting the information that different employees can access and taking care of the different needs of clients.

  • FLEX HR understands that not every client’s employee will be familiar with the operation of various human resources management systems. And sometimes they may have to adapt to the updated system interface and functions. The professional technical support team of FLEX HR will provide a series of exclusive introduction and training courses for clients who have purchased or rented the human resources management system. This enables them to understand the various functions of the system in a short period of time, achieving the ultimate goal of enhancing operational efficiency.

What will be included in HR Application service? 在網絡安全保護下,雲端系統可讓僱主及員工以遙距登入,隨時隨地查閱或處理上述的行政安排,從而促進了團隊的工作效率。

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