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Corporate Training

Due to the lack of practical work opportunities and experience, many SMEs find it difficult to deal with new employee onboard training, employee relationship management and team building activities. With years of experience in corporate event planning in the industry, FLEX HR can brainstorm and plan a series of interesting, practical and up-to-date employee training or team building activities for corporates to help with building harmonious teams, increasing morale and improving productivity.

Corporate Training

What is FLEX HR Corporate Training?

FLEX HR mainly builds team morale and harmonious employee relations for corporates through different types of diversified activities, classes, training to achieve a good and friendly corporate working environment.

  • According to the different needs of clients, FLEX HR will arrange expert teams or invite professional lecturers in the industry to talk and instruct. We can arrange tailor-made training seminars according to different industries and occupations, including:

    1. Onboard training (including company introduction, personnel structure, job responsibilities, employee handbook, employee regulations, etc.)
    2. Computer skills training (such as computer systems, professional office software, corporate online system training, etc.)
    3. Business etiquette training (such as reception etiquette in the service industry, dress etiquette, foreign language training, etc.)
    4. Accounting and taxation training (including accounting expertise, financial software operations, taxation knowledge, etc.)
  • In order to help corporates to enhance the loyalty of their employees and increase the bonding among colleagues, FLEX HR provides diversified and up-to-date team building event planning services, including organizing camping, rainbow running, staff meetings, volunteer activities, annual dinner, etc. Through various activities, employees of different levels or who have relatively few opportunities to interact with each other can better understand with each other, which will help to maintain close communications at work in the future. It also enables employees to better understand and integrate into the corporate culture, establishing the sense of belonging and team spirit to achieve higher work efficiency.

  • Employee benefits is an important part of the corporate to show its cares and values towards its employees. Good employee benefits and discounts may be a major incentive to attract employees and retain outstanding talents. FLEX HR cooperates with various types of merchants to provide employees with different types of consumption discounts to enjoy various products and services at attractive prices, supporting the corporate to become a good employer that cares for employees.

Reasons for choosing FLEX HR Corporate Training service

Professional, experienced

FLEX HR has got many years of experience in corporate event planning. We’ve planned a series of events for well-known corporates, scientific research institutions and educational institutions. We can provide a variety of options in venues, event type, and even attending guests. We’re also the service provider of government related projects.

One-stop tailor-made planning service

FLEX HR’s professional corporate event planning team has an in-depth understanding of various industries. We can provide a series of tailor-made planning services according to the client’s detailed needs, budget, industry features, number of staff, so that a win-win situation can be achieved for both the client and employees.

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